Super fast crest hunting!

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Super fast crest hunting!

Post  Parisicaine on Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:20 am

Here is a method for super fast crest hunting. I used this method, and got all my 7th city crests within a day.

You need to have auto attack installed.
Contrary to what you have been told, you DO NOT NEED TO DELETE your stored attacks!!! (More about this later)


You will be cresting from just one city. Choose which city you will be cresting from, and make sure:

1. that all your wild slots are taken
2. that you haven't tied up your rally with reinforcing somewhere else.
3. that you have as many idle knights in that city as you have rally point levels.
4. that you have at least 10k more archers in that city than your rally point level, and 300 militiamen, scouts or supply troops (you will suicide these troops).


Click on OPTIONS and set up your options:
1. Check the wilderness box and UNCHECK ALL OTHER ATTACK TYPES (Camp, City, Transport)
2. Set at 1 sec between attacks
3. Attacking wilderness 0 hrs

Scroll down

4. Uncheck Auto remove attack reports

Scroll down

5. 2 secs between changing cities
6. Cycle x5 then 2 secs before refreshing
7. Highlight in green ONLY the city you will be you will be crest hunting from


Go to the city you will be crest hunting from and find the level 8 unowned wild nearest that city, it doesnt matter what type it is, then...

Set up your auto cresting:
1. Click attack as you normally would
2. Attack with 10k archers
3. Check the wilderness option (above Add Attack in BLUE)
4. Click Add Attack (it will say attack added, click OK)


Start your attacks with 1 suicide march to take out the traps on the wilderness (you will only need to do this once, and it will save you 300 archers):
1. Delete the number 10000 next to Archers
2. Input 300 next to your suicide troops (mm, scouts or supply troops)
3. Click march


Start cresting:
Wait a few seconds to make sure your suicide wave hits the wild before your archers do, then toggle Auto Attack by clicking the Auto Attack-Off button.
If attacks don't start within a few seconds, refresh the page.

NOW SIT BACK AND ENJOY!! When you have gotten the crests you need for your next city, a number will appear on your Quests icon. Turn auto attack off at that point and enjoy your new city!

You can barb from all your other cities while you are crest hunting if you want, but you need to use the BOT for that, NOT KoC Attack. In the Barb screen of Bot, un-check all the barb camp levels next to the city your are crest hunting from, then click Barb-On. Message me if you don't have the new Bot script or if you don't know how to set up barbing on the Bot.

If you have worked hard to set up your farms on KoC Attack, be sure to EXPORT your attacks, so if you ever have to delete your stored attacks (like maybe you're installing a different version of the script), you can import all that hard work back into KoC Attack. To export your attacks, just click Options, then scroll down, and click Export. Click in the data box your attacks have been copied to, press CTRL+A to select all the data, then open Notepad and press CTRL+v to paste the data. Save this notepad file, with a logical name (like Exported KoC Attacks, for instance) and in a place you can find it again when you need it. To import, copy all the data from your notepad file to the data box in Options, then click Import.


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