Crest Hunting tip

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Crest Hunting tip

Post  Admin on Fri Apr 08, 2011 1:34 am

Find within a 2/3 click distance from any city you own a unowned plain...LV.8 delete your stored attacks in yoru options tab.

Set all attack from the city it starts from..dont worry about changing the city rotation...just the timing.....attacks to commence every 9 seconds....with a 30 second refresh.....

Ok..if you dont have enough achers move them before you do any of this....Doh! lol to the city which you are using.

Go into the city Rally point and march troops....scroll to bulk adds....enter the coords to your plain....then enter your archers.. then and only then enter to bulk shoul donly show the one you have selected....if not re-enter your archers.


Go back to map and select the coords you are going to hit. Send a wave of mm to take out traps and then hit the auto on tab, sit back and watch the crests roll in......


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