Crest Hunting

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Crest Hunting

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Do not search in player owned wilds...follow the advice below and you will reap your rewards.

Crests have two features. It is mainly used to finish the quests that are needed to receive the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh city deeds. The Seals were introduced to the game starting with the sixth city deed. The second feature is to increase a knights loyalty, alas loyalty has not been built into the game yet.
There are several types that can be found in the game.

Sir Bor’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 5%) Levels 5 to 7. They are more commonly found in mountains, second grasslands and 3rd lakes, with a smattering of woodland finds. Levels 5 -7 being most common. Most common in mountains levels 5 and 6.

Sir Ector’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 10%) Levels 5 to 7. They are most common in grasslands, woods and hills, in that order. Most common in level 7 hills.

Sir Kay’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 15%) Levels 5 to 8. Mainly located in lakes and grasslands.

Sir Bedeivere’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 20%) Levels 6 to 8. Sir Bedivere crests are harder to find, and are most common in mountains, with some found in lakes and woods. Most common in levels 7 and 8.

Sir Gawain’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 25%) Levels 6 to 8. Sir Gawain crests are less difficult to find than Bedivere crests, and found in lakes, woods and grasslands, in that order of commonality. Most common in Level 8 Lakes.

Sir Percival’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 30%) Levels 7 to 9. Sir Percival are very rare finds. I found mine in level 8 grasslands, and others found them mainly in lakes level 10.

Sir Galahad’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 40%) Levels 7 to 10. While I found mine in level 8 mountains, others found theirs in level 9 and 10 grasslands with a smattering of level 10 lakes. Levels 8-10 contain these crests.

Sir Lancelot’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 50%) Levels 7 to 10. I discovered mine in level 8 and 9 hills. Others found them more commonly in level 9 lakes, with one found in a level 9 plain, another found in level 8 woods, and a final one discovered in a level 10 mountain. Levels 8-10 are said to contain these.

King Arthur’s Crest (Increases Knights loyalty by 60%) Levels 8 to 10. King Arthur's crest are found everywhere and there is no rhyme or reason to them. You may be surprised when you receive one and you were not looking for it. However, they are extremely rare, the rarest of all the crests.

Crest Hunting 6th/7th Deeds.
Morgana Seals appear common in level 8's but can also be found in level 9 (I found most of mine in lakes). Mordred Seals can only be found in level 9. King Arthur's Crest and seals for the seventh city can be found in levels 8/9 and there doesn't appear to be any pattern to them, so you might be pleasantly surprised when you find one.

There is evidence to suggest that seals can be found in plains but from the evidence that I’ve seen your probably better off sticking to Woodlands, Lakes, Hills and Mountains.

Where to find them
Crests are available by a victorious attack on an unowned level 5 Wilderness and above. It is not necessary to keep control of the wilderness, that is to conquer it and keep it as a wild controlled by your city's castle. When you win a crest, it will be listed in the battle report along with the other "loot". Or, you can check under my items to see how many crests you currently have.

The Easy Way:
Crests are randomly placed throughout wilds every hour. If you were to build lists of certain level wilds you want to hit, you could hit them every hour instead of looking through other wilds. This way, it's easier and quicker to find the crests you need.
Also if you stay on your 'Map' screen and hit 5 of the same type and level of wilds, your chances of getting crests go up. Whilst in ‘Map’ do not chat, do not be tempted to go into your city etc, just search for crests. Your rally point must be up to level 10 to allow for the two wave attack required e.g. 2 wave attack x 5 = 10.

If your crest hunting for your 6th City Deeds (I will be starting mine shortly) could you please keep a note of the seal found, in what level and which type of wild (keep co-ords too). If these can then be messaged over to me I will update the crest hunting information to help make the task of finding the 6th city deeds easier for other players. Thanks.
Troop Size

Level 5 - wave 1 50 mm's , wave 2 - 2,500 Archers + 1 mm (and Level 6 Fletching)
Level 6 - wave 1 100 mm's , wave 2 - 4,200 Archers + 1 mm (and Level 7 Fletching)
Level 7 - wave 1 150 mm's , wave 2 - 6,000 Archers + 1 mm (and Level 8 Fletching)
Level 8 - wave 1 299 mm's + 1 ballista, wave 2 8000 Archers + 800 ballistas (and Level 8 Fletching). One/two archers loss.
Level 9 - wave 1 599 mm's + 1 ballista, wave 2 15000 archers + 1600 ballistas and Level 9 Fletching). One/two archers loss.
Level 10 - wave 1 1200 mm's , wave 2 90,000 Archers + 1 mm (and Level 9+ Fletching)
Check for locations for the crest nearest to you. 7th city crest can be found in Level 8-10 wilds.
NOTE Avoid level 10 wilds as the losses are great.

The timing of the 2 waves should be no more than 1 minute apart to avoid traps rebuilding


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