Super Cities a brief explanation

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Super Cities a brief explanation

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 04, 2011 8:01 am

What is a supercity? OK we have 3 groups of players within the alliance , these being

Group 1 - Those running auto barb 24/7 and auto alerts and have at least 450K archers

Group 2 - Those running auto barb 24/7 and auto alerts and have less than 450K archers

Group 3 - Those unable to run auto barb and or alerts


Group 1 are super cities, as they are the only ones capable of supporting permanent reinforcements of 900K archers and have the ability to feed not only the 450K archers they have but feed the 900K permanent camped reinforcements.

Group 2 are potential super cities, who are capable of farming and supporting their own troops and who can reinforce the super cities with archers, once the member of this group reach the 450K they may want to choose to be a super city or they can stay solo and just support other super cities.


Group 3 are the players that can use auto barb but are not online 24/7, and therefore can't support huge armies. Their archers can be used in 90K lots and sent to a super city for safety and support / feeding, this removes the need for this player group to worry about food consumption while they are off line as their troops are fed by the super cities.


We need players in all 3 of these groups for the super city concept to work efficiently and effectively, and those in group 3 are just as important to the super city as either of the other 2 groups.

Together we Eureka will work as a collective, and repel any attacker that chooses to smear its blood on the walls of this alliance.



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