Barbing with the Bot

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Barbing with the Bot

Post  Parisicaine on Wed Jun 08, 2011 6:24 am

Barbing with the Bot is sooooo much better than with auto attack!

You'll need to install this script:

KOC Power Bot - (New, Official Release)

Here's how to set up your barbing:

Click on the bot button, then Barb.

Click select troops, and enter the numbers of each type of troop you want to use for each level of barb camp. You can also specify the distance from your cities you want to attack, for each level of camp. Faster troops can attack further away. When you are done, exit that window.

Still in your Barb window, click Options, and set up your options. Then close that window.

Now choose which level barb camp you want to hit with each city.

When you have set everything, toggle barb to on by clicking on the "Barb-Off" button.

The bot will now search automatically for all the barb camps around all your cities. When it is finished searching, it will start barbing.


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