Unlimited SC slots!

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Unlimited SC slots!

Post  Parisicaine on Wed May 18, 2011 6:20 am

Here is a solution for SC owners, if you run out of embassy slots in your SC and want to help feed someone's troops, for whatever reason: Just have them reinforce one of the wilds attached to your SC!

Here's how: Give your camper the coords of a wild attached to your sc. They should go on the map and click on that wild, then choose "Scout". When the rally comes up, switch to "Reinforce", and march the troops on over!

One way we can use this would be for monitoring someone's food upkeep. Let's say a member is going to be unable to log on for a few days. They can send, for instance, 10k scouts from each of their cities, to camp out in your wild. You keep an eye on those scouts -- if the numbers start decreasing, they're having troop desertions, so you send them food. Scouts are the first to desert when food runs out (I think -- correct me if I'm wrong), so you can save their mightier troops from desertion.

Or if you yourself want to hide your troops outside your own cities and wilds because you're being massacred. Just put your troops in an ally member's wild, and send food to their city. Make sure you know which city the wild is attached to before sending your troops, though, as you don't want to send food to the wrong city and cause their troops to desert in the city the wild is attached to.

There are probably other uses for this, get creative! lol!



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