General rule when building your first or subsequent cities.

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General rule when building your first or subsequent cities.

Post  Admin on Tue May 17, 2011 12:01 am

Written by J_r0kk

This is more conservative than shrekkers guide. This is a good guide to follow if you don't run your game 24/7. This is also where low might players or players that do NOT have all their research completed should start.

Hello LIONHEART! I’ve had multiple people asking me about the most efficient way to set up a city. There are many, many ways to do this, but I’ll share with you the way I do things when I do my builds…

Step 1) Build 6 level 1 cottages

Step 2) Build 40% sawmills, 40% mines, 10% farms, and 10% quarries.
(side note: As you start to get around castle level 7, start adding more farms to support your troops. At that level you should have a ratio similar to 50% farms, 20% sawmills, 20% mines, and 10% quarries.)

Step 3) Level up all cottages to level 2

Step 4) Build your Knight’s Hall and assign your 4 knights.

Step 5) Do nothing but level up your resource fields. Keep an eye on your idle population. As soon as you see the idle pop getting close to zero, level up your castle to a level 2. As soon as the castle is finished, level up your cottages to level 3.

Step 6) You should continue to level up your resource fields. The three additional fields you’ve added should be used for wood or ore, depending on where you’re falling short in production. Continue to play the game with idle population and castle growth. You’ll find that you need to start leveling up the wall/workshop as well when you increase the level of your castle.

Step 7) Once all resource fields have been maxed out, start building your barracks. Depending on which numbered city you have (i.e. first, second, third, fourth, or fifth), you will want to build 13/14 barracks. The reason for this many barracks is when it comes time to train, the sheer quantity will drastically reduce training times.

Step 8 ) As soon as all barracks are built, start on your alchemy lab (this applies to cities 1 and 2. I use two alchemy labs to double up my research speeds).

Step 9) Once your alchemy lab is built, level up one barracks to level 4.

Step 10) Level up your alchemy lab to level 4 (personally, I like to alternate between steps 9 and 10, meaning: level 2 barracks -> level 2 alchemy lab -> level 3 barracks -> level 3 alchemy lab, etc.)

Step 11) Start training archers as you continue to build the remainder of your city.

Guys, after you reach step 11, there’s really a million ways you can go. It’s up to you on how you want to do that. However, if you follow those first 11 steps accurately, you’ll really be in a good position when it comes to resource production.

Good luck,


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