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Facebook Gift Accepter

Post  Parisicaine on Mon May 02, 2011 7:18 am

As we all know, the Gifts dialog on KoC Bot is not working for the moment. Sad
Until this is fixed, a working substitute is the Facebook Gift Link Creator with Auto Accept KoC gifts.

These scripts work directly with Facebook instead of the KoC application. Complete instructions are on the scripts' webpages. Before using the gift accepter, be sure you follow the instructions and edit the KoC Auto Accept script: open the script in Notepad, search for 'if(domain_selector.options[i].value == "250")' and replace the number "250" with "194" for our domain, or another number if you want to accept your gifts somewhere else. Then save the file, overwriting the previous version.

Here are the links to the scripts. You have to install both of them and do the necessary edit before using. Then open your Facebook home page in Firefox. Click Game Requests, then refresh the page again. Your Auto Accept bar will appear at the top of the page. Very Happy

Facebook Gift Link Creator
KoC - Facebook - Auto Accept Kingdoms of Camelot Gifts


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